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BAKOL® Spary


BAKOL® Spary is an isopropyl alcohol disinfectant spray free from aldehydes to be used to clean surfaces of various instruments.
Now with a new improved formulation.
Rapid surface disinfectant

Composition :-

Isopropyl Alcohol 70% v/v
QAC 0.3% w/v
Mild Perfume

Usage :-

Use undiluted with convenient sprayer.
Spray directly on the surface of instruments.

How to use
Step 1: Shake well before use
Step 2:  Spray on the surface from a distance of 20 cm
Step 3: Wait 15-20 seconds for it to dry

Indication :-

Disinfection of surfaces of dental chairs.
Spitting Areas, Dust-bins
Surfaces of monitors, respirators, ventilators, haemodialysis systems, electronic devices, lights, trolleys etc.

For emergency disinfection of operation theatres in-between surgeries, ICU, ICCU, NICU etc.

Instructions for use: :-

These are available in the pack size of 250 ml 5ltr